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This is about the character of the classic "Saint Seiya" series. For Deep Niobe in "Lost Canvas", click here. For info on the Deep Surplice, click here.

Deep Niobe
Deep Niobe



181 cm


80 kg

Date of Birth

August 3






Deep Surplice


Deep Fragrance, Dead Perfume






Earthly Star


Dark Star

Manga Debut

Zodiac Fire Clock! Ablaze Once More

Anime Debut

The Shadow of the One Who Struggles

Japanese Voice

Shingo Horii

English Voice

Deep Niobe Chiansei Dīpu no Niobe (地暗星ディープのニオベ) is a minor character from Masami Kurumada's classic anime/manga series, Saint Seiya. His power lies within the Earthly Dark Star (地暗星), and is one of Wyvern Rhadamanthys' subordinates. He is part of the squad of Specters that invade Athena's Sanctuary in 1990 and uses poisonous scents and fragrances.



I am NOT a Toad!

Niobe became a Specter when the seal on the 108 demon stars were released alongside the imminent awakening of Hades. The soul and Surplice of the Deep Specter sought him out and transformed him into one of Hades' warriors. After he became aware of his oath to Hades he travelled to Hades' Castle were he joined his fellow Specter in wait for their lord's true revival. Hades' spirit was however active and offered several of Athena's Gold Saints their life back in exchange for taking Athena's life. The Saints agreed to the offer and climbed out of their graves to perform their new mission, but with an ulterior motive. Wyvern Rhadamanthys was not happy with the arrangements and tried to convince Pandora to send him in their stead but she would not budge. Therefore the Wyvern secretly ordered his subordinate Frog Zelos to send a dozen of his Specters, with the mission to keep tabs on the revived Saint and kill Athena if the Saints did not do it. Zelos chose Niobe to go along with this group of Specters, which set out for the Sanctuary at dawn.[1]

Feel my Perfume!
The squad of Specters managed to follow and enter the twelve temples of Sanctuary without being discovered, they even managed to get ahead of the revived Saints. In doing so they arrived at the Taurus Temple early, so Niobe decided to personally remain and take care of Taurus Aldebaran so that the revived Saint could pass through unhindered. In a fierce battle, Niobe used his Deep Fragrance technique to paralyse Aldebaran's five senses and later kill him, but the Saint had not gone down without a fight but managed to attack the Specter with his Great Horn technique. Shortly afterwards Aries Mu entered the Taurus Temple and found the still standing but dead Taurus Saint. The Saint shared his condolences but wondered how Aldebaran had no visible scratches or bruises from a battle. It was then he realized the real Specters had entered the Sanctuary and just then Deep Niobe stepped forward and announced that he had been the one to kill the Taurus Saint. He proceeded to smash the Gold Saint to pieces, and introduced himself as Deep Niobe. He revealed that Saga and the other were merely tour guides but Mu thought it was more likely that the Specters were hindering the revived Saints.
Non Censored
Offended, Niobe said he would defeat him just like Aldebaran and used his Deep Fragrance technique. The Gold Saint was starting to become numb, and tried to not inhale the aroma. Niobe explained that it was useless because the Deep Fragrance would penetrate the skin and enter his central nervous system, and in a few seconds the Aries Saint would be dead.[2]

As Mu faded away, Niobe commented that the Gold Saint were surprisingly weak now that he had take out two of them. But to his surprise a shimmering wall had been erected before him without him noticing it. The Aries Saint suddenly appeared on the other side and the wall exploded into bits sending the Specter tumbling backwards. Mu explained that it was his Crystal Wall and that nothing could penetrate it. As Niobe asked if it had blocked his Deep Fragrance as well, the Saint simply walked away. The Specter called out to him saying their fight had barely even started, but the Saint said there could be no fight if the other opponent was already dead. Niobe became frustrated and asked what he meant by one was already dead. Mu replied Aldebaran would not die without defeating a single Specter, because when Niobe used used his Deep Fragrance on the Taurus Saint he was also struck by Aldebaran's Great Horn technique. Niobe thought he was talking crap but suddenly his head was smashed and his body continued to literally be smashed to pieces. Niobe became the first of the 108 Specters of Hades to die in the Holy War of 1990.[2]

Concept & Creation


Niobe was created by Masami Kurumada for the classic Saint Seiya series. Niobe's appearance in the anime adaptation plays out almost the same, except that his death is not as gruesome as in the manga. Aldebaran is also shown to have been distracted when Niobe snuck up upon him, as well as sending hints about the Specter's abilities to Aries Mu through his remaining Cosmo.[3] He came to have a small part in Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas as he battles Pisces Albafica in a duel with poisons.

Special Techniques

"Deep Fragrance"

To utilise this technique, Niobe unleashes a mist of a very poisonous aroma. The perfumed air will penetrate the opponents skin and enter its central nervous system, and after that the opponent would eventually die.


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